Anglian has quickly established itself as the Regions No.1 Demolition Contractor!

Demolition Services

Each project is handled by our team of experts, drawing on backgrounds in environmental remediation, engineering, dismantling, traditional demolition, material handling and the latest technology to guarantee completion safely, on time and on budget.

Expert Demolition

We can provide a full demolition and clearance service, for any type of site from small residential houses and garages, industrial factories, educational facilities, commercial properties and MOD sites both in the public and private sectors.

The experience Anglian Demolition can offer is used to select precisely the best equipment, materials and methods for every project, and the best strategic communication plan to ensure acceptance by regulatory agencies

High Reach

Demolition projects often have specialist requirements, such as high reach demolition. Our High Reach machines are capable of working up to 23m, and are suitable for the safe and cost effective demolition of high-rise buildings.

The High Reach machine makes it possible to achieve otherwise-impossible deadlines and budgets, and reinforces the commitment and dedication of the Anglian Demolition team.

We have built a reputation with our clients for offering a service second to none in the Region and are well regarded within the industry.

Stripping Out

The refurbishment of an existing structure that has a suitable outer shell is a specialised area of demolition.

Stripping out is an area of our operations that can vary from removal of surplus soft furnishings and decorations through to the complete internal demolition and strip out of all internal walls and floors back to shell, leaving only the outer walls and roof.

Our specialist strip out teams work in a methodical, safe manner and are often the preferred choice of our clients and site agents.


1. What areas do you cover?

We undertake work in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire.

What other services do you provide?

As well as all forms of demolition, we also undertake licensed asbestos removal, scaffolding, earthworks & remediation.

Why do you provide these other services?

Each other division is essentially integrated into most demolition projects. By having them in-house we are able to schedule the works more efficiently and offer clients added value when compared to sub-contracting each activity.

Do your divisions undertake stand-alone projects?

Yes - each division has become extremely successful in their own right...undertaking projects that are not demolition related. Our scaffolding division for example are establishing themselves as the "go to" contractor for the construction phase with many of our clients.